This concentrated essence is ideal every day after cleansing to recharge skin’s energy and keep it optimally hydrated for longer, combating daily attack of stress, heat, air conditioning. Enriched with a unicellular microalgae to stimulate cellular energy, 7 essential components of the skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and three organic superfood extracts, to contrast premature aging. Innovative cooling, serum-like texture absorbs quickly and refreshes the skin, giving it instantly a more luminous, dewy, healthy look. Plant-based, vegan-friendly formula suitable for all skin conditions.

Energizing illuminating concentrated essence for stressed, dehydrated, aging skin, ideal every day after cleansing. Plant-based, vegan-friendly formula with 96.0% natural-origin ingredients.

Cell vitality increase up to +72.9% of the ATP synthesis*.
*In vitro test on keratinocytes, application of Microalgae Essence.
'+26% more hydrated skin after 1 hour of product application.**
**clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, application of Microalgae Essence, twice a day.

Place 2 pumps into the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale. With light pressure, carry out patting movements with fingertips from the center of the face outwards and from the chin working upwards, until completely absorbed.

LONGEVITY COMPLEX™ three organic superfoods to contrast premature aging caused by stress, pollution and lifestyle.
UNICELLULAR MICROALGAE freshwater algae active on stimulating metabolism and giving a boost of energy to the skin.
96.0% natural-origin ingredients