Dry Skin



Do you feel your skin is dehydrated, tight and dull? Discover the new Hydramemory Trial Kit, and try the ultimate hydrating and glowing routine with our hydrating must-have mini size! With Hydramemory Water Source Serum 15ml, Hydramemory Rich Sorbet Cream 10ml and Hydramemory Hydra Plump Mask 15ml clinically proven formulato boost  skin's ability to adapt to different climate conditions, for immediate and long-lasting hydration and glow.   The innovative vegan formula is enriched with  SKIN-ADAPTIVE HYDRATION technology: Prickly Pear Extract from regenerative organic agriculture and Macro Hyaluronic Acid*, combined with biomimetic sorbet texture, give comfort and intense hydration to the skin, which is immediately softer, smoother and more radiant.

Apply HYDRAMEMORY Hydra Plump Mask to clean skin. Rinse and quench the skin with HYDRAMEMEMORY Water Source Serum. Finally, prepare the skin with HYDRAMEMORY Rich Sorbet Cream or HYDRAMEMORY Light Sorbet Cream depending on your needs.
1. Plump
Hydration boosting serum
2. Boost
Hydrating glow cream
3. Hydrate
Radiance eye cream
Our packaging combines high usage experience, safety, and recyclability, and is CO2 neutralized through Plan Vivo-certified reforestation projects. We have introduced refillable solutions supporting material saving. Our boxes are made of FSC-certified recycled paper. For tubes and bottles we preferably use recycled materials and bio-based plastic, and recycled glass for our vases.