Indulge your skin with silkening body oils that promote a soft, supple feel and even glow.



Keeping your skin hydrated during cold winter months or in dry climates can be a tricky prospect. Skin care treatments for dry skin of the past tended to focus on thick, greasy creams - but these days there are more comfortable options available. Body oils are the way forward, allowing you to drench yourself in rich, delightful fragrances that keep your skin fully hydrated and gleaming, without sticky residue or greasiness.

Moisturizing body oil gives your skin a healthy glow and a vibrant sheen, as well as locking in moisture to protect and nourish the skin barrier. [ comfort zone ] offers oil formulations to cleanse your skin, replenish it with moisture and even to target some specific areas of the body.

With its double use, TranquillityTM Oil serves both as a bath and body oil, favoring an immediate sensation of wellbeing thanks to its relaxing blend of essential oils. Whether you’ll pour it in your bathtub or you’ll massage it into your skin, its silky texture will leave your skin soft and nourished. Besides countering dry skin with a boost of nourishment, Body Strategist Oil will also provide your skin with more elasticity, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and skin atony.

Body oils are one of the most effective and enjoyable skin care treatments for dry or dehydrated skin, and [ comfort zone ]’s product line guarantees nourishment, moisture and a rich, silky glow with no sticky residue.