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Our brand manifesto
Focus on sustainability + skin + science.
Our conscious approach to skin and planet with sustainability, result-driven solutions to create your skin's [ comfort zone ]. Being "Conscious" means being aware that our choices have an impact and act responsibility to guarantee efficacy and safety through formulas that protect the skin and respect the planet.
The essential daily cleansing solutions for all skin types.
Everyday, essential cleansing solution for all skin types.
Anti-aging solutions to help restore the skin's architecture.
Erases and reverses signs of anti-aging skin.
24-hour double hydration to maintain the skin's optimal moisture level.
Restore dry skin and maintain skins optical moisture level.
Leverage the power of a natural prebiotic to promote skin health and to provide extra defense.
Provides a sensation of comfort and protection for sensitive skin.
Combination / acne
The solution to treat the typical blemishes of oily skin.
A complete line that promotes less visible pores day after day. A solution for oil / dry skin problems.
Body system designed to firm, tone and hydrate. Firm hydrate and tone your body in the best way.
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Starting from only RM3,000 and you are our official partner.
Start your salon empire journey with us.
We are a certified B Corp company, with the purpose of improving our positive impact on the planet, people and adopt a sustainability business model.
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